Student Contract Page

2021-22 Student Contract

Instructors and staff are committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for adult students.  As part of our commitment, we want to ensure that your rights and responsibilities are understood.


Student Rights:

●      Free adult education instruction

●      Evaluation for appropriate placement

●      A program designed to meet your educational needs

●      Educational materials that are at your level and match your learning style

●      A suitable and accessible learning environment

●      Confidential records shared only with your consent


Code of Conduct:  Students will be terminated or suspended temporarily from the program for any of the following offenses:

●      Intimidating another person

●      Threatening to harm or inciting others

●      Physical or verbal assault on others

●      Damage or destruction of property of instructors or other students

●      Use, distribution, or possession of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances

●      Vandalism

●      Possession or distribution of stolen property

●      Not following the dress code: adults must wear appropriate clothing for all classes

●      Use of tobacco products on school premises


Student Responsibilities:

●      I am expected to attend every class in its entirety

●      I will notify my teacher if I am going to be absent

●      If I miss a class, I will ask my teacher for homework or work online

●      If I miss an excessive amount of classes, I may be asked to leave the program

●      I can petition to keep my place in class by submitting a one page letter to the Review Board

●      If I cannot continue my class, I will notify my teacher and complete a post test

●    I understand that I may be contacted for follow-up information after I exit the program.


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