Student Portal Details

Your portals should accurately reflect the steps you want students to follow in order to successfully complete it.  It needs to be abundantly clear to the student what to do and what you need from them in order to advance to the next step. Please answer the questions below to tell us more about your unique student portal.

Your Portal Details

Your Name
This should reflect what the purpose of your portal is and who the audience is. Some examples are: Career Pathway Portal, Student Enrollment Portal, Staff Training Portal, Employer Partnership Portal, etc.
Provide a brief explanation under each of the steps describing what that step would entail:
Here is an example:
Step 1: Interview Questions
Tell us about why you want to pursue training.
What makes you a good fit for this training?

Step 2: Create and upload your resume.
Watch this video about resume tips then upload yours below.

Step 3: Professional Photo
Upload a professional photo below.
Make your steps customized to your needs, even if they are different than this example.
This would include instruction sheets, pictures, and other details you want to include in the portal.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 512 MB.


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